Groupon Sale…Last Day to Save!


Hi Everyone,

The other day I posted in my blog about several great ways to go out and have fun for LE$$, and one of those ways was via purchases from Groupon.

Today, November 17, is the last day to enjoy even more savings from Groupon with their special sale running on their site.  The sale is actually a three-part sale.  Purchases from categories known as Local Deals qualify for a 20% discount when you enter promo code TASTY3 in the promo code box at check-out.  The next tier of savings is 15% off Getaway Deals when you enter the same promo code of TASTY3 in the promo code box at check-out.  The final purchase that qualifies for a discount is from the category known as Good Deals.  These deals will receive a 5% discount when you enter the TASTY3 promo code at check-out.

You may purchase up to 3 deals from each category ( total of 9 deals cumulatively).  The other limitation is that you are allowed to purchase one (1) unit per deal.  This means, for example, if you want two tickets to see Bryan Adams, then you would need to make two separate purchases to save 20% from each ticket. This would leave one more purchase available from the “Local Deals” category at the 20% off discounted rate.

Your Discount Queen LOVES Groupon deals, and when they run these types of specials she highly suggests you stock up on whatever activities interest you.

Do not delay!  Go to Groupon NOW to buy your next adventure!


About The Discount Queen

I LOVE bargains and bargain shopping. For me getting the most for my money is like a "game." I enjoy figuring out ways to get the absolute most for every dollar I spend. Please do not misinterpret this to mean I am cheap or stingy. I spend quite a bit of money, but I get a "TON" for the amount I spend. I may spend $500 on clothing, but instead of getting five $100 dresses I'll get a closet full of clothing because I only shop from sale racks, discount stores, and off-price retailers. If it's not on sale, I won't even look at the item. I have purchased $100 Donna Karan outfits for only $5.99 per piece or $100 dresses for $25.00 and then another 60% off that marked-down price. This is the ONLY way I buy.

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