Free Catalina Trip on Your Birthday


Hi Everyone,

Catalina Express has extended their FREE birthday promotion for another year. Just go to the Catalina Express website and sign up for their FREE birthday promotion.

This deal lets you travel to Catalina on your birthday. You trip must start on your actual day of birth, but you can return up to 30 days later.

This means you get the roundtrip fare to Catalina FREE on your birthday. Your Discount Queen LOVES Catalina. It is like going away to an exotic island without ever leaving California.

Catalina has shopping, dining, excursions, and so much more. You can check out all the things the island has to offer by clicking HERE.  Go sign up for your FREE birthday voucher NOW to lock in your free trip!!


About The Discount Queen

I LOVE bargains and bargain shopping. For me getting the most for my money is like a "game." I enjoy figuring out ways to get the absolute most for every dollar I spend. Please do not misinterpret this to mean I am cheap or stingy. I spend quite a bit of money, but I get a "TON" for the amount I spend. I may spend $500 on clothing, but instead of getting five $100 dresses I'll get a closet full of clothing because I only shop from sale racks, discount stores, and off-price retailers. If it's not on sale, I won't even look at the item. I have purchased $100 Donna Karan outfits for only $5.99 per piece or $100 dresses for $25.00 and then another 60% off that marked-down price. This is the ONLY way I buy.

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