Hi, I’m Theresa O’Keefe aka “The Discount Queen.” I’m  originally from New York and currently reside in Southern California. I possess an AOS Degree and have over 28 years of combined experience in the Customer Service, Payroll, and Retail fields.

I  enjoy doing research on just about any topic and I’m a contributing author on Associated Content, Ezines, and Helium.

I have been through many stages in my life ranging from an  affluent life to bankruptcy and worse.  These fluctuations throughout my life instilled a desire to always get as much possible for my dollar (or her spouses’ or her parents’).

As the “Discount Queen” I believe that just because a person maybe going through their own personal recession is no reason to let the whole world in on this information.  There’s no reason, especially in today’s day and age for a person to look like they are lacking in anything.

Even if you’re not going through a rough patch, there’s NO reason to pay full price for ANYTHING.  Everything, with a little research can be found for a lower price whether its groceries, dining out, travel or more.

The Discount Queen’s motto is:  Have fun shopping, but SHOP SMART!

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I sincerely hope you enjoy my site and find something to help improve the quality of your life regardless of your current status.

Thank you for visiting!

Theresa aka The Discount Queen



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  1. Bistro Les Minots is offering an end of summer special 3 course Dinner Menu Prix Fixe for $19.95 starting Monday July 27, 2009. This Dinner Prix Fixe is available 7 days a week from 5 to 7 pm.

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  2. Dear Theresa,

    I’m really glad I found your blog! I think you provide the kind of money-saving tips that can really help people improve their lives.

    That’s why I’m reaching out. I have some news that I think your followers would love to hear about:

    1-800-DENTIST® is running a $30,000 smile makeover contest through November 10th.

    To enter, simply tell your audience, family and friends to create a short video describing what’s wrong with their smile and how it affects their lives and upload it to http://www.1800dentist.com/my-smile-bites.

    Just think: Writing about this on your blog could help one of your readers get the dental care they need. Plus, it would be a huge boost to their confidence and could literally change their life. (And think of the traffic it would generate.)

    If you’re interested in posting about the contest or have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.

  3. Hello there,

    I came across your site and it’s simply amazing!! Not only because I work for a luxury discount store in NYC but because I love getting things for the lowest price possible.

    Less Less is located in Chelsea and we have designer items for great prices. At the moment we have 40% off all winter coats and 30% off all women winter clothing! We have Ann Klein, Liz Claiborne, New York & Company and a slew of other quality designers that people love.

    I’m sure you’re readers will love this news, especially if they live in the city.

    We are currently running “!4 Days of Love” and for today we have a ribbed Ann Klein Sweater for $9.99. See it here: http://lesslessinc.com/blog/?p=104

    Thank you so much for your time and I hope we speak soon.


    Web: http://www.lesslessinc.com
    Twitter: @lesslessstore
    Email: lesslessmarketing@gmail.com

  4. Hello!

    Found your site quite by chance today – great!

    Although I’m on the other side of the ‘pond’ I thought it worth mentioning a site, also available in the US, which I’ve been using to easily find bargains on Amazon. It’s an affiliate site
    http://www.discountsorcerer.com I think it’s a lot easier than searching through on the Amazon itself – you can search Amazon as a whole, or by department, and order results by biggest % saving, biggest $ saving, etc. There’s also a weekly newsletter for new items they find.

    Just thought I’d share it with you and your followers. Hope you don’t mind.

    All the best!

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