Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade 2 Tix only $35


The Christmas season is just about here, and Newport Landing is offering a great deal via Groupon.  Two adult tickets for ONLY $35. This is a savings of 52% off the normal ticket prices.

Tickets are good for either the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade (running December 16-20) or Newport Landing’s Holiday Lights Cruise (running December 4-15 and December 21-January 3).

If you want more detailed information about the Christmas Boat Parade options, please visit the website for Newport Landing. However, the special pricing of two adult tickets for only $35 can only be purchased via Groupon.

This offer is limited and could expire at anytime. Therefore, I urge you to go to Groupon NOW to purchase your tickets, so avoid missing out on this great deal!!


Set Your Holiday Table for LE$$


Your Discount Queen LOVES the holidays and entertaining at this time of year.  The biggest problem with entertaining is finding a dishware set that matches, but will not set you back a ton of cash.

Walmart to rescue. Right now Walmart is offering a 45-piece set of lovely  stylish  square dishes  available in six different colors for UNDER $50.  Plus, if you join eBates (discussed here in another blog post) before making your purchase, as of today you will get back 4% of your purchase.

These dishes are by 10 Strawberry Street and known as their Nova Square Banquet set.  This set is a service for 6 and includes all the following:

  • Set includes:
    • Six dinner plates 10″
    • Six entree plates 7.3″
    • Six bowls 7.3″x2″ holds 20-oz
    • Six sauce dishes4.7″ holds 7-oz
    • Six cups and saucers 3.7″ holds 9-oz
    • One large serving bowl 10″x 3.3″ holds 72-oz or 2.25-qt
    • One salt shaker
    • One pepper shaker
    • One sugar bowl with lid
    • One milk creamer 9-oz
    • One baker 9.8″ x 2.4″ holds 64-oz or 2-qt
    • One casserole dish with lid 9.8″x 2.8″ holds 64-oz or 2-qt
  • 10 Strawberry Street Nova Square Banquet 45-Piece Dinnerware Set is oven, microwave and dishwasher-safe

So, go to eBates **FIRST** to sign-up for your free account. Next, visit Walmart to order a set or two of these great dishes to give this year’s holiday table a polished look.

Groupon Sale…Last Day to Save!


Hi Everyone,

The other day I posted in my blog about several great ways to go out and have fun for LE$$, and one of those ways was via purchases from Groupon.

Today, November 17, is the last day to enjoy even more savings from Groupon with their special sale running on their site.  The sale is actually a three-part sale.  Purchases from categories known as Local Deals qualify for a 20% discount when you enter promo code TASTY3 in the promo code box at check-out.  The next tier of savings is 15% off Getaway Deals when you enter the same promo code of TASTY3 in the promo code box at check-out.  The final purchase that qualifies for a discount is from the category known as Good Deals.  These deals will receive a 5% discount when you enter the TASTY3 promo code at check-out.

You may purchase up to 3 deals from each category ( total of 9 deals cumulatively).  The other limitation is that you are allowed to purchase one (1) unit per deal.  This means, for example, if you want two tickets to see Bryan Adams, then you would need to make two separate purchases to save 20% from each ticket. This would leave one more purchase available from the “Local Deals” category at the 20% off discounted rate.

Your Discount Queen LOVES Groupon deals, and when they run these types of specials she highly suggests you stock up on whatever activities interest you.

Do not delay!  Go to Groupon NOW to buy your next adventure!

Earn FREE Money When Making Your Online Purchases Year Round


Your Discount Queen loves getting things for FREE, but nothing beats getting FREE money!!  Many people will be making purchases this year for their holiday gifts via the Internet, so why not get back some of that money you will be spending on others to spend on YOURSELF?

eBates is a company that is FREE to join. I suggest once you join, you download their eBates button to your browser’s toolbar. This way EVERY TIME you visit a merchant’s site eBates will let you know if the merchant is participating in eBates. You then click on the eBates icon and that is it!  Any shopping you do on the site will be registered and you’ll get a percentage of your shopping back in CASH!  eBates can be set up to send you a check or transfer funds to your PayPal account.

The amount of your rebate depends on the merchant.  You could earn anywhere from 1% to 10% or more of your purchase. If you do ANY shopping online, I highly suggest you sign-up for your FREE eBates account.  If you spent over the course a year even $250.00, and the merchants used were paying a rebate of only 5%, that would be $12.50 back to you. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s FREE money, and it’s $12.50 you would NOT have had. So, why not join and start getting your FREE money TODAY.

eBates has MANY major merchants participating in their program.  Some popular merchants include: eBay, Macy’s, Kohls, Walmart, Amazon, Avon,, and many others.  Participating merchants are subject to change, and they also periodically change the rebates amounts offered.

Don’t wait, go to eBates  NOW and sign-up for your FREE account and starting earning FREE money TODAY!!

Go Out and Have FUN for Le$$ Money


I don’t know about you, but the Discount Queen LOVES to go out and have fun.  Having new experiences makes life more interesting, but going out shouldn’t mean choosing between a fun night out and making your car payment or light bill.  There are many ways to go out and experience things like a restaurant you’ve never been too, some pampering, like a massage, or even seeing a live show without causing your wallet to cry the “I’m so Broke I Could Cry” blues.

Here are a few ways to go out and have fun without spending tons of money:

Join  This site lets you purchase gift certificates to participating restaurants in amounts of $10, $25, $50, or $100 at a fraction of that cost. The “normal” price is usually $10 for a $25 gift certificate.  **HOWEVER** I highly suggest joining their site (it’s FREE), and getting on their mailing list.  You will then be notified when the company is offering sale on their certificates.  Typically the sale price is $4 for a $25 certificate, but I have seen them goes as low as $2 for a $25 certificate. This is when you LOAD up on certificates. They are good FOREVER, they can be EXCHANGED for different restaurants, and if a location goes out of business or stops taking certificates, the company will notify you so you can choose another restaurant. This is a wonderful way to check out a place you’ve been dying to visit, but didn’t want to risk paying full price for the “unknown.”  Go to to learn more and explore all the restaurants in your area.

If you want to do more than just eat out, there are many sites that offer exciting options at a discount. Many of these sites offer discounts of 50% or more for activities like like shows, massages (and other forms of pampering), comedy, and of course dining out. Two of my favorite sites to check for discounts is Groupon and Living Social. However, to save yourself some time and to compare the best deal I highly suggest signing up for  Yipit searches multiple discount sites to find the best deals in your area on a plethora of activities.

My final suggestion for locating things to do at a major discount is Goldstar EventsGoldstar offers tickets to stage shows like Oz, Rent, Book of Mormon, and many others at up to 50% off. They also offer tickets to music productions, comedy shows, tribute bands, and so much more.  Be sure to check out Goldstar to explore all the fun you could be having in your own area for LE$$ money.

Get FREE Money by Making Dinner Reservations


I consider myself the Discount Queen, but I still LOVE to eat out.  I will post in a future blog how to eat out for less, but right now this post is how to earn FREE money just by making a dinner reservation.

There is a free online reservation service called OpenTable.  Every time you make a reservation and show up for that reservation you earn 100 points. Once you reach 2000 points you are eligible to redeem your points for a $20 gift card good towards a dinner at the location of a participating merchant. However, you do NOT have to redeem your points once you reach 2000 points. You can wait to reach 5000 points for a $50 gift or 10,000 points for a $100 gift.

You can even accumulate points quicker by dining at what is known as “1000 point” restaurants.  There are restaurants that will reward you with 1000 points for your reservation, if you dine during designated and very specific days and times. If you are flexible with your days and times to dine out you could accumulate 2000 points in just 2 meals.

Again, OpenTable is a FREE service.  If you are planning to dine out, you should check to see if the restaurant you plan to visit is listed on OpenTable.  If they are, this is a great way to earn points toward a FREE $20, $50, or even $100 gift card to visit a restaurant you may have wanted to try, but didn’t want to spend the money to check out.

Go to to learn more and to sign up for your free account.

Fuddruckers HUGE Burgers with a Little Price Tag


Hi Everyone,

I have another meal deal for everyone in the Southern California area to check out. It is a coupon from Fuddruckers.  You get a 1/3 pound burger, fries, and a soft drink for ONLY $7.00.  This is a great deal and makes for a great meal. You can read and print the coupon by clicking HERE.  This deal expires January 2, 2014.