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Ugg SALE for Women up to 65% Off


Hi Everyone,

There is a great sale going on at 6pm.com. They are having a sale on Ugg brand shoes and boots for women. NOW is the time to purchase these boots, so you can save up to 65% from the normal retail price.  It may be warming up in some parts of the country, but Ugg footwear is something that NEVER goes out of style.

So, go to 6pm.com NOW to save some BIG bucks on Ugg footwear for women.




Today ONLY Groupon Deal White House Anaheim


Thanks to a special deal from Groupon you can dine at the world renowned White House Restaurant at a fraction of the normal cost.

This classy restaurant is normally *very* expensive, but for today only through Groupon you can purchase a five-course dinner for two for ONLY $127.00.  Normally, this dinner would cost $250.00 without the Groupon.

This is a hot deal, and should not be passed up.  If you purchase the Groupon today it can be used anytime up to 180 days from the date of purchase.

According to Groupon’s site the Anaheim White House—is even popular with presidents. Jimmy Carter has enjoyed the California restaurant’s Italian food and steaks, as has Danny De Vito. (Even Madonna has feasted on their catering.)

Below, some highlights of the A-list restaurant:

Historic location: A mansion originally built in 1909, the structure has undergone renovations since then, but certain details, like the main dining room’s brick fireplace, remain intact after more than a century.

Dining Rooms: 12 in total, named after White House icons like Ronald Reagan and the West Wing. Some are bedecked in murals worthy of the Sistine Chapel; all of them can be reserved for private dinners.

Cuisine: An assortment of Italian dishes, like linguine with clams, along with Wagyu steaks and unconventional creations. The most unconventional of all? The New York Times-endorsed steamed salmon with white chocolate mashed potatoes.

Chef Bruno Serato emigrated here with $200 from Verona, Italy. When he got here, he worked his way up from lowly server to innovative chef.

Charity work: Serato makes a point of feeding homeless children, given his own humble beginnings, and he’s won awards for his commitment to the cause. More importantly, he’s fed one million children with his efforts through his Caterina’s Club foundation.

So, be sure to go to Groupon NOW before it’s too late to purchase this great deal!


Plus-Size Gals Rejoice with Gwynnie Bee


This post is for all plus-size ladies. I feel your pain when it comes to shopping for stylish looking outfits in extended sizes. First of all, many stores still carry styles that look like they could be used as drapes or tablecloths when not being worn. Secondly, many of the stores that carry plus-sized clothing “hide” the department up on the second or third floor in a back corner, as if extended-size clothing was something illegal like heroin or cocaine. Lastly, some of the manufacturers say the clothing is “plus-sized,” but the clothing is not cut correctly and is really “skinny” clothing with more flow.

Thanks to Gywynnie Bee plus-size ladies who wear from sizes 10-32 can all rejoice. Now you can rent gorgeous and stylish outfits for reasonable prices every month. Plus, if you love the outfit you can purchase it at a discount!!  Right now Gwynnie Bee is offering a 30-days for FREE. You can choose the 1, 2, or 3 piece plan, and get this plan for FREE for 30-days. There is NO OBLIGATION and you can cancel (very easily) online, if you decide not to continue.

Go to Gwynnie Bee NOW to check out all the great clothing options and sign-up NOW!  You have nothing to lose.  So, don’t delay. The FREE 30-day trial is a limited time offer. Go to Gwynnie Bee right NOW.

FREE Meal on Your Birthday for Joining E-Clubs! Part 1


Hello to all my Discount Queen Lovers,

Today I’m starting a new mini-series.  I am going to provide you with links to restaurants who will provide you with a free meal on your birthday just for signing up to get periodic emails from each location.  Several locations will give you coupon to get a discount or freebie that’s good right away. In most cases you will need to use that coupon within 10 to 14 days, but each deal will have its own expiration date.

Please keep in mind in this series I am focusing only on establishments that either give you a free meal or give you a BOGO deal for your birthday.  I am not including locations that give a slice of cake or a cookie on your special day.  Call me old fashioned, but I remember when nearly ALL restaurants gave you a slice of cake with a candle FREE on your birthday.  You didn’t have to sign-up for a special club to get a piece of cake, one time per year.

Just click on the highlighted restaurant names below, and you will be redirected to the site’s website to sign-up for their E-clubs.  Please keep in mind some of these locations are not found nationwide, and may be local to one area of the USA.

I will be presenting more locations over the next several weeks.

Thank you for stopping by, and don’t forget:  Have fun shopping, but SHOP SMART!



Starbucks Treat Deal NOW Through August 18, 2013


Hello All My Discount Queen Lovers!

It’s that WONDERFUL time of year when Starbucks offers their Treat Deal!  Make a purchase in the morning (before 12 noon), and bring your receipt back after 2pm to get ANY grande beverage for ONLY $2.00. 

Be sure to GET YOUR RECEIPT when you make your morning purchase.  I have noticed a sad trend at Starbucks.  All year they have a great habit of asking, “Would you like your receipt”?  Yet during Treat Deal season they all manage to get “Alzheimer’s” at the same time.  Some how NO ONE asks “Would you like your receipt” during this promotion. I have complained to corporate, yet it still continues to happen.  Do you know how many times I have been in a rush in the AM and FORGOT that darn receipt?  This is why I am letting you all know about this subtle, yet in my opinion sneaky practice!!

However, providing you remember to get your receipt, you will get to enjoy ANY grande beverage after 2pm for just 2 bucks!  Enjoy!!!

Catalina Expresss Boat Trip FREE On Your Birthday


Hi Everyone,

Here is a REALLY great deal from Catalina Express.  From May 1, 2011 until April 30, 2012 you can travel via the Catalina Express for FREE on your BIRTHDAY. 

Your trip to Catalina Island *must*begin ON your actual birthday, and you must return to the “mainland” within 30 days of your birthday.  There are rules pertaining to this offer and you *must* pre-register at the Catalina Express website.  Click HERE to read the rules and pre-register.

Your Discount Queen is really loving this deal.  You can save up to $71.50 on a round trip ticket, depending on your port of departure.  So, if you’ve been thinking of going to Catalina, this is a great opportunity to go for FREE.

Be sure to book your hotel reservations on Catalina **EARLY**many hotels are already booked up solid, especially on the weekends.  Check out THIS site to research hotels you may want to book for your stay, if staying longer than just for the day.

Have a great time on your free trip and remember: Have fun shopping, but remember to SHOP SMART!

The Discount Queen

Rubio’s Coupon Save $1.00 on 2-Taco Platters


Hi Everyone,

If you’re in the mood for some fast and fresh Mexican food, head over to your nearest Rubio’s.  I LOVE their fresh salsa bar.  Right now you can save $1.00 from ANY two taco combo plate by clicking HERE and printing the coupon.  This coupon expires July 6, 2011.  Enjoy!

Have fun shopping and remember to SHOP SMART!

The Discount Queen