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Ugg SALE for Women up to 65% Off


Hi Everyone,

There is a great sale going on at 6pm.com. They are having a sale on Ugg brand shoes and boots for women. NOW is the time to purchase these boots, so you can save up to 65% from the normal retail price.  It may be warming up in some parts of the country, but Ugg footwear is something that NEVER goes out of style.

So, go to 6pm.com NOW to save some BIG bucks on Ugg footwear for women.




Earn FREE Money When Making Your Online Purchases Year Round


Your Discount Queen loves getting things for FREE, but nothing beats getting FREE money!!  Many people will be making purchases this year for their holiday gifts via the Internet, so why not get back some of that money you will be spending on others to spend on YOURSELF?

eBates is a company that is FREE to join. I suggest once you join, you download their eBates button to your browser’s toolbar. This way EVERY TIME you visit a merchant’s site eBates will let you know if the merchant is participating in eBates. You then click on the eBates icon and that is it!  Any shopping you do on the site will be registered and you’ll get a percentage of your shopping back in CASH!  eBates can be set up to send you a check or transfer funds to your PayPal account.

The amount of your rebate depends on the merchant.  You could earn anywhere from 1% to 10% or more of your purchase. If you do ANY shopping online, I highly suggest you sign-up for your FREE eBates account.  If you spent over the course a year even $250.00, and the merchants used were paying a rebate of only 5%, that would be $12.50 back to you. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s FREE money, and it’s $12.50 you would NOT have had. So, why not join and start getting your FREE money TODAY.

eBates has MANY major merchants participating in their program.  Some popular merchants include: eBay, Macy’s, Kohls, Walmart, Amazon, Avon, Overstock.com, and many others.  Participating merchants are subject to change, and they also periodically change the rebates amounts offered.

Don’t wait, go to eBates  NOW and sign-up for your FREE account and starting earning FREE money TODAY!!

All Entertainment Books 50% Off


Hi Everyone,

I think you all know by now what a big fan the Discount Queen is of the Entertainment Book. It’s packed with coupons for fine dining, casual dining, take-out and so much more.

There are editions for major cities throughout the USA and right now you can get this wonderful money saving book for 50% off the normal price (they can retail for up to $49.00 each).

Click HERE to learn more about this great deal and order your book TODAY!!

Have fun shopping everybody, and don’t forget to: SHOP SMART!

The Discount Queen

FREE Betty Crocker Calendar


Hi Everyone,


I hope you’re all having a great week so far.  Here’s a deal to help make your week a little nicer.

Betty Crocker is giving away FREE 2010 calendars.  Considering calendars can cost $10.00 or more, FREE is much nicer.

Plus, your calender will be filled with delicious recipes from Betty Crocker that you can try year round!  Who doesn’t like trying something new and yummy?

Click HERE to be taken to Betty Crocker’s sign-up page.

Hurry!  Quantities are limited and you’re allowed one calender per delivery address.
Have fun shopping and remember to always: SHOP SMART!

The Discount Queen